Drawing on the C40 Good Food Declaration and the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, The Barcelona Challenge for Good Food and Climate is a call for cities and their residents to engage in a series of commitments related to the transformation of their food systems in order to tackle the climate emergency.

This Challenge presents a set of core metrics to help grasp the positive impacts these commitments could entail in practical terms for the city, population and the climate. In addition, the Challenge provides a platform to showcase the commitment and leadership of cities on the food-climate nexus in the context of the 2021 and 2022 MUFPP Global Forums and the United Nations Climate Change Conferences.

The Barcelona Challenge for Good Food and Climate addresses two key issues: the mitigation of and adaptation to the climate emergency, through a commitment to transform local agri-food systems to ensure access to sufficient, sustainable, healthy and nutritious diets for all, therefore preventing food vulnerability and enhancing food justice.